A strong partnership between The Smallpeice Trust, STEMNET and the WISE Campaign was awarded by a Department for Education grant to enrich the lives of children, young people and families through engagement with STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our project entitled 'GET AHEAD WITH STEM!' aimed to close the educational achievement gap for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and particularly girls, who are currently underrepresented within STEM careers. It ran for two years from April 2009 to March 2011 with an extra-curriculum educational programme comprising of:

  • 160 stimulating in-school, STEM curriculum enhancement days each for 50 Yr.9 students, for a total of 8000 students.
  • Eight high-impact Yr.9 residential Engineering Experience 4-day courses, each for 100 students.
  • Students for the residentials will be recruited from the STEM days.
  • Teacher Continual Professional Development to enhance the delivery of practical STEM skills in the classroom.

Both STEM days and residential courses will be populated with maintained sector students recruited from specified areas in England.